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Payment may be made only by bank card (secure payment facility). The following bank cards will be accepted: Visa, Mastercard. In this respect, the Client undertakes to pay with his personal bank card, bearing his own identification (surname and first name). In the event that it is impossible to debit the amounts due by the Client for any reason whatsoever (rejection, refusal by issuing institution), the order will not be registered by Manjaz Uhrenmanufaktur AG.

Prices on the website will be given in US dollars ($) and users will be able to convert these to the following currencies: Swiss francs (CHF), euros (€) and pounds sterling (£), using the automatic conversion facility provided. These prices include VAT (value-added tax), but do not include delivery charges. The prices given on the website merely serve as an indication and may be modified at any time. The prices invoiced will be those applicable on the order validation date.


Manjaz Uhrenmanufaktur AG reserves ownership of the items ordered and delivered until payment of the full principal debt and interest has been made, i.e. until Manjaz Uhrenmanufaktur AG has received the full price.


In the event of full or partial non-payment, Manjaz Uhrenmanufaktur AG may, without giving prior notice, demand the return of the items which may have been delivered to the Client by Manjaz Uhrenmanufaktur AG.


The Client will bear the risks associated with the items (loss, theft or deterioration) returned after the effective delivery date.

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